Events within the framework of the guest professorship

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the KIT Freundeskreis und Fördergesellschaft e.V. (KFG) award the Heinrich Hertz Visiting Professorship 2022 to Professor Reinhard Genzel. Genzel is director of the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Garching near Munich and received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2020, together with Roger Penrose and Andrea Ghez.

In addition to a seminar exclusively addressed to students and scientifically active KIT members, Professor Genzel held a public lecture in the packed Audimax at KIT's South Campus on Wednesday, 05.10.22 in the context of the award ceremony.

We were able to have the event certified as a Green Event BW.

Schwarzes Loch Milchstraße Event Horizon Telescope
04.10.22, 16:30

Exclusively for students, KIT members:

STUDENT SEMINAR by Professor Genzel at KIT Campus South.

"The formation and evolution of star-forming galaxies".

Festvortrag im Forum Hörsaal des KIT KIT Veranstaltungsmanagement
Keynote speech now also on YouTube
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Genzel MPI
05.10.22, 16:30

PUBLIC LECTURE AND AWARD GIVING at KIT Campus South, Audimax (building 30.95)

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Genzel talks about "Galaxies and Black Holes".

Heinrich Hertz Visiting Professorship

Event Horizon Telescope