General Services

General Terms and Conditions of KIT for the Registration for Events

Article 1 – Scope

Registration for events of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, a public corporation under German law (hereinafter referred to as “KIT”), shall take place on an internet platform of KIT, which has been established to organize events and to submit online registrations for events organized by KIT.

For easier readability, only the male gender is used in the present Terms and Conditions. However, all regulations shall apply equally to women and legal persons.

The legal relationship between KIT and the person/institution using the internet platform for registration (“Customer”) shall be subject to the present General Terms and Conditions of KIT for the Registration for Events in the version valid at the time of registration exclusively.

In case of a registration for a concrete service package (“Product”), a contract is concluded between the Customer and KIT based on the participation fees to be paid.


Article 2 – Registration

(1)     Electronic Registration

          Registration for an event shall be made online via the event link of KIT in principle. The registration shall be binding. The Customer shall be responsible for the correct entry of the data required for registration.

          With the electronic mailing of the registration for a concrete event, the Customer shall accept the present Terms and Conditions. Any different terms and conditions and in particular the general terms and conditions of the Customer shall only be valid, if they have been accepted expressly and in writing by KIT. This shall also apply, if the Customer refers to his general terms and conditions in further correspondence.

Such an electronic registration for an event by the Customer shall become effective only upon the electronic mailing of a confirmation by KIT after the Customer has sent his completed digital order form.

(2)     Registration by Phone

          In case of a registration by phone, the contract shall be deemed to be concluded between KIT and the Customer only after the latter has received KIT’s confirmation in writing of the registration with the present General Terms and Conditions of KIT being enclosed. The registration shall be binding. The Customer shall be responsible for the correct communication of the data required for registration.

(3)     Unless other regulations result from the present Terms and Conditions, the legally binding declarations (e.g. registrations and cancellations) shall be in writing or in a technically equivalent form (telefax, electronic mail, internet platform for registrations for events) to be effective.

(4)     The registrations shall be considered in the order of their receipt.

(5)     The confirmation in writing or by electronic mail shall be deemed the certificate of attendance and confirmation of participation, provided that no other documents, such as entrance tickets, have to be submitted to the registration staff at the venue.

(6)     There shall be no entitlement to a certain speaker appearing at the event. This shall also apply, if the event was announced with the name of this speaker.


Article 3 – Fees and Terms of Payment

The participation fee shall be paid in the full amount 14 calendar days prior to the start of the event. Payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer. The participation fee will be charged by invoice. Upon receipt of the invoice, the amount indicated in the invoice shall be paid net within a period of 14 days, with the number of the invoice being indicated.


Article 4 – Cancellation/Rebooking

Cancellation of a registration shall be in writing to be effective.

Cancellations or rebookings made in writing at least 21 calendar days prior to the start of the event shall result in a total exemption from the participation fee.

If participation is cancelled 20 or less calendar days prior to the start of the event or if the participant fails to appear, the full participation fee shall become due. In individual cases, hardship provisions may apply. In this case, the partner of KIT shall decide.

Rebooking in favor of a replacement participant shall be possible anytime at no costs.


Article 5 – Withdrawal of KIT

KIT shall reserve the right to change dates of events, venues, or speakers for company or personal reasons as well as for reasons of force majeure. This shall not result in the Customer having the right to cancel his registration or to reduce the amount to be paid.

KIT shall reserve the right to cancel an event at short notice (e.g. illness of a speaker). In case of illness of the speaker, there shall be no right to have the event carried out. In such a case, the already paid invoice amount shall be returned to the Customer. Any further claims of the Customer shall be excluded.

In addition, KIT reserves the right to cancel events due to an insufficient number of participants in particular. In this case, the Customer shall be informed immediately. Already paid amounts shall then be reimbursed by KIT. Any further claims of the Customer shall be excluded.


Article 6 – Conference Materials

All conference materials shall be protected by copyright and solely for private use.

Any reproduction, reprint or translation and transmission to third parties, also of parts of the materials, without the express approval by KIT shall not be permitted and shall represent a copyright infringement that will be prosecuted under civil law.


Article 7 – Liability

Within the scope of the legal regulations, KIT shall be liable for damage to property and pecuniary damage caused by intent and gross negligence exclusively. In the event of violation of major contractual obligations, KIT shall be liable for intent and negligence. In case of slight negligence, liability shall be limited to foreseeable and direct damage typically occurring under this type of contract. Major contractual obligations shall be obligations protecting essential legal positions of the contract partners, which are to be granted to the latter according to the content and purpose of the contract. In addition, major contractual obligations shall be obligations, the fulfillment of which is essential for the due and proper implementation of the contract and the compliance with which may be permanently relied on by the contractual partner.

The limitations/exclusions of liability shall not apply to claims made according to the Product Liability Act due to fraudulent behavior, liability for guaranteed characteristics, and due to loss of life, bodily injury, or damage to health.


Article 8 – Rules of the House

At the venues, the rules of the house displayed there shall be valid.