Unifest am KIT


Events – An Important Part of Student Life

Workshops (departmental student committee) meetings, presentations, celebrations, events in the orientation phase, theater and picture shows, and parties belong to a student’s life as do the studies proper. For most of the students, time at KIT starts with the orientation phase and ends with the graduation ceremony. In between, countless events are organized by student committees, university groups, or the General Students Committee (AStA).



How to Obtain the Permit for Your Event

Nearly every event of and for students takes place in centrally administrated rooms, buildings, or on outdoor campus areas. Booking of these rooms and areas requires an application to the Central Event Management Unit.

To obtain the permit for an event, proceed in three steps:

  • Complete the application for organizing an event. You will find the application form on the website Step by Step (German, Step 1). Send this application to event∂kit.edu six weeks prior to the event at the latest.
  • After a preliminary permit, you will receive some documents that have to be completed by you and returned to us. We may need location plans, a program, or an approval by the Bauordnungsamts der Stadt Karlsruhe (building authority of the city of Karlsruhe). These documents have to be submitted three weeks prior to the event at the latest.
  • If all documents are complete and correct, the final permit will be granted and the group for the allocation of lecture halls, the group supervising lecture halls, the Campus Safety Unit, and the Fire Department will be informed.



Preparing and Organizing Events – The Administration Supports You

To facilitate the organization of events, we have compiled a lot of information on the website eventmanagement from A to Z. You will find recommendations and links relating to seating options, permits for flying constructions, calendars of events, WLAN for guests, or the Carnet A.T.A.




University-related central measures by student associations and other organisations that enable the exchange of students within the framework of events on university topics relevant to the whole of Germany can receive funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

To receive funding, an application must be submitted.

Eligible for funding are permanent student associations and organisations with legal capacity whose commitment is aimed at students. Partial bodies of a higher education institution which do not have legal capacity must submit applications via the higher education institution or a partial body of the higher education institution with legal capacity.

Funding is provided in a funding round with a duration of twelve months.

The following requirements must be met to receive funding:

  • At least 40 participating students on all event days
    (In justified individual cases, the minimum number of 40 students may be undercut, e.g. in the case of measures that are primarily aimed at students with disabilities or impairments).
  • The content must have a clearly stated connection to higher education.
  • The main target group are students.
  • The measure must have a nationwide character (topic has supra-regional importance, students of all university locations of all federal states can participate, in advance nationwide application, nationwide dissemination of the results).
  • Measures must take place in Germany.

Further information as well as instructions on how to apply and eligibility to apply can be found at https://www.bmbf.de/foerderungen/bekanntmachung-2797.html.