Sustainability in the casino

Reusable tableware to go

As an alternative to our previously offered, sustainable disposable packaging made of sugar cane fibres, you can now also take away your food in high-quality reusable dishes for a deposit of € 10.00 per dish.

This is the next step towards sustainable packaging and a further reduction in packaging waste.

Since the introduction on 20.04. until 06.07.2021 we could already save more than 5000 disposable packaging made of sugar cane fibres.

For more information on reusable tableware and how the deposit system works, click here.

Packaging material

From small side salads to schnitzels, we can offer you all our dishes in sustainable disposable packaging for takeaway. We at Casino Campus Nord place great value on sustainability and therefore use packaging materials made from sugar cane fibres.

When sugar cane is juiced, a large amount of fiber is produced - a residual material that has remained unused until now. However, this biomass is extremely valuable for the production of natural disposable tableware and packaging. The packaging material made from sugar cane is light and yet very stable. At the same time, it is water-resistant, suitable for hot and cold dishes and can be used in the microwave, the oven and the microwave oven. and can be used in the microwave, oven and freezer. The 100% biodegradable packaging material according to EN 13432 is produced close to the raw material source in order to reduce transport distances to a minimum and additionally protect the climate.

Plastics areonly used at the casino where it is necessary for hygienic and other reasons.


Electric cars are the future. We use an electric car for deliveries to events at the North Campus.

The car reaches a top speed of 85 km/h and has a range of 80 km.

The continuous/peak power of our e-car is 34 kW/ 48 kW.

The vehicle has a hygienic and food-safe cargo hold with a capacity of 5.68m³. It is designed for the transport of foodstuffs in accordance with the requirements and regulations of the Food Hygiene Ordinance and HACCP standards.

Sustainable, ecological and archivable

In our cash register systems we use thermal paper that is made from a base paper from the sustainable wood industry. Instead of a chemical reaction to heat, the development of writing on the thermal paper is a purely physical process. The opaque functional layer of the paper becomes transparent due to the influence of heat and the underlying black layer becomes visible.

The thermal paper is approved for direct contact with foodstuffs and can be disposed of in waste paper with a clear conscience after use.

The writing on the thermal paper is resistant to sunlight, which means that the receipt can be stored for at least 35 years without fading. Copying of sales slips is therefore unnecessary. In addition, the paper is resistant to softeners and can be placed in plastic sleeves without any problems.