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Virtual Events

Due to the Corona pandemic, all physical events had to be cancelled at short notice. In order to nevertheless continue to enable scientific exchange, ASERV-VAM advises and supports the KIT institutes in organizing their own virtual conferences, seminars, workshops, summer schools, or other events.

The organizational procedure is the same as for physical events. All important information and required forms can be found on the "Step-by-Step" page.


Guidebook for Virtual Events

We have summarized all basic questions about virtual events in a Guidebook for virtual events (pdf, only in German). In it, we describe, for example, what makes a good virtual event, which elements it should contain, how participants are encouraged to be more interactive, which tools are available at KIT, which Zoom settings are useful, and what else you need to consider. In addition, we provide many helpful tips that help to avoid stumbling blocks and generally ensure a smoother process.


Zoom Licesces

For virtual events, you can get Zoom licences via VAM. Please use this document to request licences. Licences can only be granted for events for which the application to organise an event has been submitted (see the "Step-by-Step" page).

In addition to the basic licenses, VAM has a meeting license and a webinar license for 1000 participants each, that you can temporarily "borrow" for events. The prerequisite for this is a basic license.


Use of Zoom for Events

Zoom is successfully used in online teaching at KIT and may also be used for events. The ZML has created detailed instructions for the use of Zoom for online teaching. Even though these were primarily designed for lectures and seminars, the contents can be easily transferred to events.

On its web pages, ZML addresses the topic of data privacy and provides tips on settings: www.zml.kit.edu/corona-live-vortrag.php


Background Images for Virtual Events

SEK provides a selection of images that can be used as background images in virtual meetings: https://kit-cd.sek.kit.edu/hintergrundbilder_onlinemeetings.php.

For students, the ZML provides background images with student themes at KIT: https://www.zml.kit.edu/deinkitcampus.php


If you need further assistance, we will be happy to support you. For a free consultation as well as information about other services with costs, please contact us at event∂kit.edu.